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synopsis of senator Corbett's meeting

State Senator Ellen Corbett shared the results of her work with Milpitas residents on October 29. Beginning with a comment that working in Sacramento was "not easy" of late, she talked about some of the 14 bills she guided through the legislative process. Measures to protect ground-water from contamination and car-buyers from unscrupulous dealers became law. Measures to help hospitals stay open and add integrity to the initiative process were stopped by the Governor from becoming law.

Ms. Corbett's district extends north of Milpitas. Two of her latest battles include trying to keep the NUMMI plant and San Leandro Hospital open. She is also working to stop the cuts in education budgets including the Cal Grants program that helps lower-income students go to college.

While the nation wrestles with health insurance reform, the state is wrestling with the issue of Sacramento River delta water. Ms. Corbett listed many of the complex factors and interests that bear on a plan to protect the delta with adequate water flow. Levees must be restored. Environmental issues include stream-flow and wildlife levels. Legal rights of existing water agencies must be considered. Conservation could make a big impact. Wrapping up, she pointed out that the San Francisco Bay Area is most impacted, and that local legislators are united in pressing for a fair resolution.

For people experiencing problems with State agencies, Ms. Corbett offered the services of her staff to help resolve issues. Contact her San Leandro District Office at 510- 577-2310  

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